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CallScope is a flexible windows based call management system designed specifically for the hospital market. It is the core product and backbone of the Telecom Eye interfacing hub for hotel telecommunications and guest information and has been tailored to meet the needs of an ever-changing industry.

In the current economic climate the need to efficiently manage incoming and out going call traffic as well as maintain, and where possible, increase telephone revenue, relies on detailed analysis and system management.

One of CallScope’s many strengths is its reporting tool set which can be tailored to provide information on guest and administration calls, cost and price comparisons, and calling patterns enabling hotels to monitor guest profile and call trends. Such comprehensive analysis allows hotels to better understand their guest profiles and telecom requirements which is essential

in a service driven industry. With the ability to monitor and compare cost and charging tariffs hotels are able to introduce and publicise competitive and flexible charging policies inspiring guest confidence and encouraging telephone usage.

General Features
Product Integration

  • Full guest & admin call charging
  • Multiple extension billing
  • Multiple carrier costing
  • Flexible charging structures
  • PIN or account billing
  • Call charge estimate
  • Private line analysis with incoming cost estimates
  • Carrier comparison analysis
  • Full user password security
  • ISDN charging *
  • Departmental costing
  • Comprehensive diagnostics
  • Scheduled archiving or purging of call records
  • Selective purging options on various call types
  • Pre-defined and customer selected filters
  • Customer defined hot keys
  • Call type logging options
  • Guest directory
  • Dynamic last call display
  • Windows based networking
  • Guest suite facility
  • Customer configurable call archiving frequency
  • 2 level interface alert for high and low priority
  • Graphical user interface on a standard Windows platform
  • Multiple user interfaces
  • Emailing and exporting data
  • Multiple report formats
  • Centralised solution
  • Automatic scheduling/running of reports
  • Credit limited/adjustable deposits

  • Bi-directional interfaces to PBX and PMS *
  • PBX Guest name directory update *
  • Bar/Unbar of guest phones *
  • Room status *
  • Access code stripping
  • Comprehensive diagnostics
Standard Reports
  • Multiple report formats
  • Graphical reporting
  • Flexible command button reporting options
  • Script based reporting
  • Itemized and summary reports
  • Period analysis reports
  • Scheduled printed reports
  • Scheduled saved reports
  • Long and short term reporting
  • Group departmental report
  • Guest reports
  • PIN and account reports
  • Incoming call reporting *
  • Internal call reporting *
  • Room reports
  • Extension reports
  • Operator analysis
  • Trunk analysis
  • Profit and revenue reports
  • Auditing reports
  • Invoicing reports
  • Call distribution
  • Call destination reports
Specialist Report Examples

Analysis of DDI and operator overflow call *

  • Operator analysis mapping incoming and transferred calls *
  • Country and worldwide usage highlighted by revenue
  • Visual daily, weekly, monthly graphical revenue report
  • Visual coat and charge graphical report
  • Top 30 dialled destinations highlighted by charge or duration
  • Monthly occupancy telephone revenue analysis
  • Telephone abuse reports
  • Departmental incoming/outgoing call analysis
  • All reports can be scheduled to run automatically and emailed. Can be exported into various packages such as PDF, Word and Excel

    * PABX or FOH Depen dant


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