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"Our guests don't understand our call charging structure.
Can we simplify it?"

Yes, let's simplify it! A simpler charging structure is easier for guests to understand. Too often hospitality telephone charges are based on archaic structures related to the outmoded unit /pulse call charging methods. Historically this has led to complex charging structures that are difficult to explain to the guest.We can simplify your charging structure, and produce an easy to understand call price list which you can place in guest rooms.

"We feel we are not getting the best deal from our carrier.
What can we do?"

By analysing your call distribution we can determine where your most significant costs are - and suprise, suprise, they're not always on the routes that the carrier is promoting!Show your carrier the results of your call distribution to gain leverage in call rate negotiations. Tell your carrier where you want to make savings. There's always another carrier willing to listen if yours will not.

"You say we're losing money on Freephone numbers.
They don't cost us, do they?"

Well, yes they do actually! Not for the call charges, maybe. But what about the resources you are paying for? Can you afford to have a number of guests connected to Freephone internet numbers for hours on end, using your trunk lines that could be carrying chargeable calls?Let us anaylse your Freephone usage and its utilisation of resources. Once guests realise you are incurring a cost for their use of the phones they become more amenable to a handling charge for Freephone calls.Click here to view the cost of Freephone calls.

"Guests complain about some of our call charges.
How do we appease them?"

More often than not this comes about because of the complexity in the pricing structure, which skews call charges outside guest expectations.Guests are often asked to pay inappropriately high rates for some calls, which may not be as profitable as one might think. Restructuring prices can make call charges more acceptable.

"We need to increase our call revenue without upsetting guests. How?"

By analysing your call distribution we can come up with not only a simpler, but a more profitable pricing structure that is acceptable to your guests.Have a look at our other suggestions for increasing revenue.

"We're losing money because guests prefer to use their mobiles.
What can we do?"

Guests will use their mobiles so long as they are perceived to be cheaper than room phones. Every unused phone is an under utilised resource that is costing you money. Make it work for you by making room phone calls attractive.We can provide the information you need to make this judgement.

"We may not be using our line resources efficiently. How do we find out?"

Our trunk analysis results will let you know how well your trunk resources are being used. Can you operate as effectively with fewer lines, or with a better distribution of line use?Click here to see a real example of trunk utilisation.

"Incoming calls are being missed. How can we monitor our response?"

Operator analysis reports provide all the information you need to help operators perform effectively, reducing missed calls through long wait times, and increasing availability by managing outgoing calls.
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