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Switch Genie
CallScope is a flexible windows based call management system designed specifically for the hospital market. It is the core product and backbone of the Telecom Eye interfacing hub for hotel telecommunications and guest information and has been tailored to meet the needs of an ever-changing industry.

VoiceScope is a Windows based Voice Messaging and Auto Wakeup system designed specifically for the hospitality market. The primary aim of VoiceScope is to provide todays transient guest with an easy to use, in room, messaging and wakeup service.

Switch Genie is a bi-directional interface provider enabling seamless integration between the PABX and PMS (front of house) system.  Switch Genies primary function is to accurately cost and charge the calls, allowing for time based costing and post calls to the front of house system.
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Switch Genie Plus
Voice Genie
Combined Systems
Switch Genie Plus is our entry level bi-directional interface it has an unlimited archive allowing stored data to be accessed via reporting or on screen viewing. Preset reports such as audit, operator analysis, admin departmental, guest room, revenue charts and graphs, destination etc.
Voice Genie is our windows based entry level 4 port voice mail and auto wakeup system which can sit shoulder to shoulder on the same PC platform as both Switch Genie and Switch Genie Plus. It has preset admin and guest menus which are not customer configurable in line with the simplicity of this product. Telecom Eye system can be purchased on a stand alone basis or as a combined system. CallScope/VoiceScope or Switch Genie/Plus and Voice Genie can sit shoulder to shoulder on the same PC platform saving on both valuable space and money.
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