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CallScope Configuration

CallScope configuration is assisted by some automatic features which allow you to start logging calls right after installation.

The installation database comes with our latest dial code and pricing information ready to roll. You can enter your own pricing details while the system is running - and along with CallScope's analysis features you can adapt pricing as required.

CallScope's import features also allow you to import new call cost rates from your carrier. In fact, CallScope can run with a number of carriers simultaneously - with different carriers on different trunks, or with carriers employing special prefix dial codes. The appropriate call cost is picked up for each call.

And on the subject of trunks, CallScope builds its own trunk table based on the incoming calls, so calls are assigned to trunks straight away.

Extension and room number tables are built automatically too. If the extension and room numbers match, there's nothing more to do. Otherwise, entering a few simple rules - such as drop first digit of extension to create room number - will allow CallScope to assign extensions to rooms on the fly.


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