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CallScope Logger

Logger's main role is the logging of calls and the communication with the FOC and PMS for overall call management. Logger is CallScope's logging and communications engine.

Logger's visual interface acts as a screen saver, displaying current status and call summary data. The status information tells you how much activity is going on so that you can quickly assess the state of the telephone system.

Logger displays each connected device. In this example we see the switch, FOC and PMS, but there could be more devices.

The RX and TX lights, the ticks and the scrolling flash are all animated and indicate the level of activity. The Elapsed Time column shows the elapsed time since the last message, which also indicates the state of the device interfaces. And the Packets Today values count the received packets.

So, you can asses the activity in the hotel at a glance, just from this screen.

Logger Interface Image

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